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Hen Holster Bird Diaper/Harness (Made in USA) with Permanent Liner

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Product Description

Have (or want to have) an indoor free-range chicken, duck or goose?

Our patented Hen Holster bird diaper is for you! Our patented Hen Holster solves the problems typically encountered with chicken, duck and goose diapers: incorrect fit, uncomfortable fit, poor quality fabric, inferior construction, leakage, complicated to put on and take off, difficult-to-change liners.

The Hen Holster also doubles as a harness! Want to take your pet outside for a walk? Just snap on a leash and go!The D-ring on the back enables you to easily connect a leash to take your bird for a walk.

Available in three sizes to fit most chickens, ducks and geese. Made in the USA.


Improve the life and health of your chicken - The ultimate in adjustability over your bird's vent
USA Made, 100% breathable material keeps your chicken cool and comfortable. Features a comfortable, heavy-duty diaper that securely wraps around your bird's tail

Product Sizing

Although we can't guarantee that our standard size options will fit all birds, they will fit most domestic chickens, ducks and geese.


S/M (fits most larger bantam chickens and small ducks; base of neck to base of tail 5 - 7")

L (fits most standard chickens and ducks; base of neck to base of tail 7 - 9")

XL (large roosters and ducks, standard geese; base of neck to base of tail 9+")

Product Video

How to Put The "Wrap-Around" Hen Holster On Your Chicken

Warranty Information

Warranty covers only manufacturer defects. Any damage caused by improper use or care of product is the responsibility of the user. Warranty does not include replacement for normal wear and tear. Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products will replace any product that has a defect due to manufacturing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Madi Pezik
Fits perfectly and looks amazing!

Very well-made product, the quality is excellent. I feel it will hold up a long time! Neat design as well, very creative and truly unique yet functional. I wish I would have gotten the version with removable liners, but the company does NOT include pictures of the interior of the diaper, nor the specs of how it functions, so I couldn't tell. Add some more details and pictures to your website please, so us new customers can make an educated purchase! I almost decided to find a different company because I wasn't sure what the product was. Never leave customer uncertainty!! I'm glad I bought from you!

Alex Hoang
Very functional product

It's not easy to find a diaper with vinyl removable liners like this one. No leaking, easy cleaning, easy handling, and not destroy the planet with disposable diapers. The fabric worn out after about three years of use, but liners 're in good condition.

Michelle Spacek

Excellent chicken & turkey diapers! They are very adjustable, easy to put on, easy to wash (I highly recommend the removable liners(100% leak-proof), but the permanent ones are also very good quality, and softer- awesome if you change the diaper frequently. The removable liners are a life saver if your birds need to stay diapered while you're at work or unable to change them for a few hours. Go for the biggest size you can as long as it's still comfortable - it keeps the poo farther away from the body (if it's too small and/or full of nasties, and your bird lays down, they can get a poopy belly). I ordered a few in each size, to accommodate a growing turkey poult, and the smalls fit a bantam roo and two leghorn hens(med also fits when needed), while the large works great for a brahma hen. By far, this is my favorite chicken diaper. For ducks, I find that they are suitable in a pinch, but duck-specific diaper harnesses are more comfy & secure.

Works great, but need a tiny size

This works great for one of our bantams that we have to keep inside at night due to temp regulation issues. Only improvement would be to make one size smaller than the current smallest size, but we make it work.

Pam Larson
Best chicken diaper

I ordered several different chicken diapers and this one beats them all. It's fairly easy to put on and very easy to clean. It's also very reliable. Its the only chicken diaper I will use now. Thank you.