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Birdy Bra Crop Supporter / Chest Protector (Made in USA)

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Product Description

You asked and we responded! Crazy K Farm has developed a supportive, ultra-comfortable crop bra/chest protector.

Chickens and other birds often suffer from crop issues such crop stasis/slow crop (in which the crop empties very slowly) or pendulous crop (in which the crop has been stretched). Any crop problem that requires a bird's crop to be supported can be helped by the Birdy Bra.

Our patented Birdy Bra not only supports a slow or pendulous crop, but can protect a bird's chest, which is a common location of pecking of hens by other hens. Once blood is drawn the pecking can escalate, resulting in infection and even death. Our Birdy Bra can also be used on parrots that self mutilate.

The Birdy Bra is available in a variety of sizes for all types and ages of bird and in four colors.

For pluckers, we have a faux lamb's wool sherpa panel to occupy your bird and provide added protection.

Our Birdy Bra is made with human-grade medical fabric (the same material that your doctor would use on you or your child) and is cut and sewn by hand by a person who is paid a living wage.

*NOTE: Parrot and Chick sizes secure with Velcro; Chicken/Duck/Goose sizes either tie on (highly adjustable) or secure with velcro (less adjustable, but easier to put on).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Madi Pezik
Very supportive! But fabric is too thick

Love love love the supportive nature of this crop bra! Unlike other products I've tried before, this product is able to hold the XL crop of girls with pendulous crop! Hoping this will make my Francis more comfortable. Only issue is that the fabric is not breathable. It is also double ply, making it even hotter. Make a version with an athletic, breathable crop fabric (straps are perfect material!) and you've got me sold!

Victoria Valenti
Excellent Chicken Bra A True Life Saver!

Our little bantam Dani has a pendulous crop. We were anticipating having to put her down due to other issues arising from her crop issue. After much research we found your product! It has helped tremendously! We have seen a significant improvement in her crop returning to a more normal size after resting in the evening. Before it would stay so full it was about the size of a large grapefruit. It is easy to put on and doesn’t effect her daily life at all! Thank you!

Broody hen saved by birdy bra!

My only broody hen has had a problem with her crop for over 3 years, now. I have lost track of how many courses of nystatin as well as occasional courses of antibiotics it has taken to treat her recurring infections. I had an earlier hen who was similarly afflicted, who wore her bra without complaint, but this hen Begonia, HATED it so much that she would just sit in a corner and not eat all day when I put it on, or fling herself about and manage to get it off to one side, or completely above her bulging crop. (I must confess that I like to turn the bra 90 degrees from how it is pictured, to make sure that the elastic goes across the bottom of her breast to keep that crop from escaping, and have folded over the elastic on the top and sewn it down so that it does not impinge on her neck, and cross tie it on her back.) After the last successful treatment of her infected crop, I tried putting on the bra only when she went to roost at night and taking if off each morning when she came out of the coop. This has worked!!! Now she has her days of freedom, and her nights with a supported crop, giving her food a chance to get on down to her proventriculus. Last fall, when the eggs she was setting on did not hatch, I got some day old peeps from the feed store, and both the chicks and Begonia were thrilled with the arrangement! She is a wonderful mother! I now have a lovely young flock, thanks to Begonia and her bra! (She did not need the bra while setting, since her crop was continually supported by the nest, and she was of course not eating very much.)

R. Newcombe
Saved Momma Maran's life

Momma black maran still going strong after 1 1/2 years of wearing her crop bra. My second order of a crop bra was in order to wash the first one. This is my third time ordering a crop bra because I have another chicken with a pendulous crop. I decided to order two this time because it saves on shipping and I know I would have ordered another one in the future. The straps may seem long but that's what scissors are for. I like the long straps so they can be adjusted to fit the chicken. If the straps get pecked or tugged by other chickens we just cut them shorter so they could tuck under the wings. Thank you crop bra designer for doing the work that I don't want to do.

Good idea but could use improved

I think it would be better if the tie down strips had velcro on them and they were not stetch. Same with the bra part.