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Current styles
Current styles

Introducing the Clearance Birdy Bootie SECONDS - imperfect to your eye, but works perfectly on your bird's feet! 🦆🐔

Crafted in the USA with top-notch materials, the Birdy Bootie is the go-to protective shoe for birds with injured feet or bumblefoot.

Now available at a steep discount, these seconds may have minor imperfections (discolorations, small spots of pilling, notches or nicks in the neoprene) but deliver the same effective protection and cushioning as our more expensive booties.

Designed with durable neoprene, the Birdy Bootie shields wounds from dirt and moisture while offering extra comfort for the injured foot. The neoprene base features antibacterial, silver-infused fabric, while the silky nylon-covered neoprene top ensures ultimate comfort.

Tailored for fit and comfort, the Birdy Bootie is roomy and shaped specifically for the left and right foot. The open toes allow for proper ventilation, keeping your feathered friend cool and comfortable.

With two styles available - the Chicken Bootie for chickens and the Waterfowl Bootie for ducks and geese - finding the perfect fit for your bird is a breeze. Ensure a snug fit with the optional leg bands included!

Invest in your bird's health with the Birdy Bootie and provide them with the protection and comfort they deserve. 🦆🐔


Clearance Birdy Bootie (Made in USA) - SECONDS

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