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Birdy Bootie (Made in USA)

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Product Description

Our patented anti-bacterial Birdy Bootie protective shoe is designed to provide superior coverage and cushioning for birds with injured feet or bumblefoot (a staph infection on the foot pad or toe.)

Our Birdy Bootie is made of high quality materials and with a superior design.

Our booties are made of durable Neoprene, the same material used for wet suits, to protect wounds from dirt and moisture while providing extra cushioning for the injured foot. The underside of the booty is made of textured, non-slip neoprene while the top and inside are made of silky smooth nylon-covered neoprene. The booties fasten around the foot and ankle with super-strong velcro.

The seams on the inside of the opens toes provide both adequate space for toes and structure to enable circulation of air. Our roomy Birdy Bootie provides plenty of space for bandaging and padding of the wound with a cotton ball or two. Unlike "one-shape fits all" chicken shoes, our patent-pending Birdy Bootie is specifically designed for fit and comfort: the left bootie is shaped to be worn on the left foot and the right shoe is shaped to be worn on the right foot.

Please note: One of the ways birds stay cool is by dissipating heat from their feet (which is why you may find your chickens standing in puddles of water or in their water bowls on hot summer days). We do NOT recommend the use of the Birdy Bootie on birds housed outside in extreme heat.


Improve the life and health of your bird - designed to provide superior coverage and cushioning for birds with injured feet or bumblefoot
USA Made. Specifically designed for fit and comfort: the left bootie is shaped to be worn on the left foot and the right shoe is shaped to be worn on the right foot

Made with a silver-infused, human-grade neoprene bottom layer.

Comes in two styles: The Chicken Bootie, which has open toe sleeves, and the closed-shoe Waterfowl Bootie for ducks and geese

Measuring your bird for the Birdy Bootie

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Product Videos

Ricky The Rooster Wears Shoes

Duck Trying Birdy Bootie

Warranty Information

Warranty covers only manufacturer defects. Any damage caused by improper use or care of product is the responsibility of the user. Warranty does not include replacement for normal wear and tear. Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products will replace any product that has a defect due to manufacturing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I bought these for my pet Pekin. Apparently, Pekin ducks are prone to bumble foot. The Birdie Booty is very well crafted and fits as advertised. This product has improved the quality of life of my bird. She can now spend more time in the yard playing with out hurting her feet. My bird will probably need these her entire life so please stock up.
Thanks CrazyK.

Tracy S.
Love them!

One of my ducks is recovering from bumblefoot and I had no idea what to do for her feet, the vet wrap and tape were getting muddy and nasty within just minutes. These boots are great to give her that extra bit of cushion and help keep her vet wrap cleaner. The hardest part is getting the toenails in the right spots but otherwise she tolerates them well and they are so darn cute! Thank you so much for making these and for shipping them so fast!!

Christy Cannon
Useful in so many ways

We raise geese and this year we had two hatch with different foot/leg/hip deformities. One had a club foot and no matter what we did, including taking him to the vet, it wouldn’t straighten out. The poor guy was trying to hobble on his curled under toes, which was causing a sore. Imagine trying to walk on the top of your foot everyday. We tried taping, but it would come off after only a couple of days. So we ordered these booties, applied fabric glue to the open middle section to close it, left the sides open for ventilation, and now he’s able to get around without hurting his foot. It’s really improved his quality of life. Our other gosling has asymmetrical hips, both legs want to turn in, and a club foot. He kept stepping on his own turned-in feet and couldn’t walk. Again, the local vet couldn’t help with him either. So we bought these booties, glued a strip of Velcro to the top of them, made a spacer out of wooden sticks wrapped with duct tape, and placed another smaller piece of Velcro at each end of the stick, then used the Velcro to attach one end to the top of one bootie and the other end of the stick on top of the other bootie. What this does is force his feet apart, oriented forward like they are supposed to be. Finally he can walk. It isn’t pretty but again, huge improvement in quality of life for this little goose. We expect in a couple or 3 weeks we can unvelcro the stick spanning the tips of the shoes because he won’t need it anymore. Then he’ll just wear the shoe on the clubbed foot. These booties have been exactly what we needed to help our geese have the best life they can.

Ashley Garrison
Love these!

I haven’t been able to find boots for my girls anywhere else. These are great! My only complaint would be I wish there was an option for closed toed boots too.

Graci Bodis
Our pet ducks love their shoes!

Nothing but amazing things to say!!
-Customer service was fantastic (responded very quickly)
-Shipped quickly with no issues
-Fits amazing (they will not just fall off)
-Amazing Quality, extremely durable
-Easy to wash
-Have tons of different uses for your birds (ex. Bumblefoot, feet injuries, adventures, limit concrete walking, prevent bumblefoot, hold medicine on the feet, doubles as a bumblefoot wrap, etc)
-Always gets compliments when my girls wear them
-Comfortable for my ducks (they will walk funny for the first few times, but now mine don’t mind wearing the at all and have no issues walking.)
Very very happy I bought these a little while back!!!!