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Crazy K’s AI assistant helped me decide between two sizes as my kitty’s measurements were right on the line. It turns out the S/M is perfect. I put it on her and there was no struggling or despair. She walked around like it was the most normal thing in the world. The only thing she didn’t like was that it made curling up somewhat uncomfortable for her but even then, she didn’t fuss. Now to try it out at the campsite….

Great quality and worked perfectly

These shoes have changed my gander instantly. He seems to have very tender feet and our yard isn't all goose friendly. He used to watch every step he made and walked slowly, gingerly, even across the dirt (future grass coming). Within minutes of putting the shoes on He was standing upright and walking like he should. It's so wonderful to see. He will likely have to wear them full time and I'm in AZ (Phoenix) so I have concerns about how to manage summer for him, but the shoes are perfect!

Quick delivery, fits perfect.

My chubby kitty is happy to put on her harness again now she's got some extra room for her big fat belly !

These are the only ones that work. They are expensive but we have three now for my daughter's best friend.

I tried some other styles before these and they either didn’t have a comfortable fit or were too crazy with wild patterns and spooked the flock. The material is sturdy but not too stiff to be comfortable on my hens. The straps make it easy to put on and secure but not too tight on them. They are RIR and Barred Rock of laying age and the Large was perfect. Highly recommended!!

I tried some other styles before these and they either didn’t have a comfortable fit or were too crazy with wild patterns and spooked the flock. The material is sturdy but not too stiff to be comfortable on my hens. The straps make it easy to put on and secure but not too tight on them. They are RIR and Barred Rock of laying age and the Large was perfect. Highly recommended!!

Worked perfect! Fast shipping too!

Best Harnesses

I've bought 3 of these harnesses and they are truly excellent. They are super easy to get on and off, allow full mobility for our cats, and are impossible for them to squirm out of. At any price-point you will not find better harnesses than these.

My Girl Loves the Outdoors Now...!!!

Great device it works and my Cat Loves it !!!

She Cries to go outside now every morning it has changed her Life...!!!

The Best for You and your Cat

Our cat is extremely nervous and wary. He is a rescue and is still worried about everything and everyone. He comes to the door when he wants to go out and accepts the hoster easily.

I have a duck in a wheelchair who has trouble getting traction on our floors. These are perfect for her! Our first pair got lost in the mail and customer service was awesome. They got a new pair out to us within a week. Will be buying again!

Awesome holster!!

We had a holster for our cat and he wore it with no issues on an 8 hour airplane trip and also out in our backyard. Now that we have a dog I came back to order one for him (13# Lhasa Apso mix, M/L fits perfectly), and he loves it (doesn't struggle at all)! He's a puller and the Velcro is so strong we don't worry about him coming out of it. I can't recommend these enough and wrote this since I'm back for a flannel lined one so we don't have to get him in a sweater (which he hates). These are the best :)

Fantastic! Thank you for having these available for ducks!

Very secure design. Jax loves to go outside after dark with his jacket on. He hardily approves of its fit!

The BEST Harnesses

These harnesses have been amazing for our cats. We have a pair of siblings, boy and girl. They have completely different body types and proportions. Our boy is a 'long body' muscle man, and the girl is a shorter-lengthed 'pear shape.' Yet, the size M fits each of them securely and comfortably. That's how awesome these harnesses are! I even ordered a second set, for winter, with the reflective strips. They're so good that I'm willing to pay exchange, delivery, and duty (from Canada) just to get these because I cannot find anything as good at home.

This is such a huge improvement to my poor girl's life! Being the object of the rooster's affection is a tough job but at least my sweet girl isn't getting her back scratched open regularly. She's a big girl, and I was worried XL might be too small, but it is working out just fine. Highly recommend!

Navidium Shipping Protection

Didn't need it but it's better to be safe than sorry

Bought these to help my SA drake with minor bumblefoot that I caught early. I had to modify the boots by cutting a deeper recess for each toe so that my drake's nails would be exposed for him to use. I had to do this same thing for the boots for my Muscovy hen. I had a hard time getting these to stay on while my ducks were out running around during the day so here's what I did: Before bedtime, I soaked my drake's feet for 30 mins in warm Epsom salt using the directions on the bag for soaking. Afterwards, I sprayed Vetricyn on both feet, put a square gauze (cut to the size of my drake's whole foot) inside the boot, & put the boot on his foot. Before securing the Velcro straps, I squeezed Neosporin between the gauze & the area of the bumble, then closed the boots up & put him in the run for the night. I suggest to do this at night because I found that my hen runs from him when she first sees the boots on him. The next morning I remove the boots for the day & repeat each night.

These harnesses are so durable, secure, and comfortable for the cat! My cats refuse any harnesses other than these.

Safe, comfortable, cute

My cat is an absolute fireball of fury when it comes to doing things she doesn’t like, and wearing clothes is one of those things. Went through two other harnesses before arriving at this one.

It took two days of getting it on and bringing her outside until she started meowing with excitement when I held it up. She lets me put it on and take it off with zero fuss now.

It’s extremely non-restrictive, and she hasn’t come close to slipping out (she was able to get out of one of the other ones). It’s pretty much out of her way until she’s getting into something I don’t want her to, and then I gently pull back and she changes direction, no struggle or discomfort. From reading around this is also one of the safest, most non-slip harnesses you can buy.

I also love the red bandana design, looks great on my torbie cat. Love this product all around

Kitty Holster Reflective Safety Harness

This harness is exactly what we needed! So much thought obviously went into the design of this harness. It arrived quickly and was just the right size, which was easy to determine by the measurement guidelines for neck and girth size. The quality is superb….very nice materials and beautifully sewn. This is the nicest vest our Torty cat has ever owned. She seemed comfortable in it right away and it was easy to put on. After a recent move, she was granted more outside privileges but we were anxious about her safety. The loud lime color is highly visible during the day and the reflective stripe is large enough and well located that she is very visible after dark. Since lizards and birds can see color, it is also preventing her from success in her hunting attempts. Thank you!!!

My cat won't take it off when we come inside

The embroidery got a bit torn up during the training period, but 1 year later my cat is so comfortable in her jacket that she will continue wearing it for hours inside before she lets me take it off her haha