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Discover the patent-pending, made-in-the-USA Rooster Saver Crow Collar - a tool designed to help you control your rooster's crowing volume without preventing his natural behavior.

The highly affordable Rooster Saver adjusts from 3" to 7" in circumference and from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" in width and is made from two pieces of breathable hook-and-loop with openings for air flow. 

While using a crow collar is a personal choice, it's crucial to handle it with care - any mistakes in fitting or tightening could have serious consequences for your rooster, even leading to their untimely demise. This collar is akin to a training aid, offering a potential solution for those seeking to minimize noise levels while allowing their beloved roosters to remain a part of the flock.

If you're looking to maintain a harmonious relationship with your neighbors without sacrificing the joy of keeping a rooster, the crow collar may be the answer. By lowering the volume of your rooster's crow, you can navigate suburban living with a feathery companion more peacefully.

Remember, the crow collar does not eliminate crowing; instead, it helps decrease the sound level. Each rooster will respond differently to the collar, so results may vary. Larger breeds, with their naturally robust crowing capabilities, may not experience as significant a reduction as smaller counterparts. Through careful adjustment and proper use, you can aim to strike a balance between maintaining your rooster's presence and respecting the peace of your surroundings.

For those seeking to nurture a self-sustaining flock and experience the full cycle of chicken-raising, the crow collar offers a potential solution to integrate a rooster into your setup. By managing crowing volume, you can enjoy the benefits of having a rooster while minimizing potential disruptions for yourself and your community. Remember, with great responsibility comes the need for cautious handling - ensure the collar is fitted correctly and not overly tightened to safeguard your rooster's well-being.

Make an informed decision for your flock and community with the Rooster Saver Crow Collar, a tool that aims to strike a balance between the joy of having a rooster and the peace of suburban living.

Rooster Saver Volume-Reducing Crow Collar (Made in USA)

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Is this collar safe?

While using a crow collar is a personal choice, it's crucial to handle it with care - any mistakes in fitting or tightening could have serious consequences for your rooster, even leading to their untimely demise.


Will this collar stop my rooster from crowing?

No. This collar will lower the pitch and volume of his crow.


How tight does the collar need to be?

Tight enough to inhibit his ability to expel a large amount of air necessary to create a loud crow, but loose enough to not inhibit his ability to breathe normally.


Will this work on all roosters?

Yes, but roosters are like little rockstars - some are born to belt it out louder than others! Big breeds, with their impressive lung power, are just built to bring the noise. It's simple math: more air, more volume! 🐓🔊



**Effective Volume Reduction**: The Crow Collar is specifically designed to lower the volume of rooster crowing. By using this collar correctly, you can enjoy the benefits of having a rooster without disturbing your neighbors or violating noise ordinances. It allows you to keep your rooster while maintaining harmony in your neighborhood.
**Customizable Fit**: The USA Made collar can be adjusted to fit your rooster comfortably and securely. It is crucial to follow the instructions carefully to ensure a proper fit that is safe for your rooster. By fitting the collar correctly, you can effectively reduce the volume of crowing without causing harm to your rooster.


Step 1: Put the Rooster Saver on your rooster

🐓 Place the two halves together so that the width is suitable for the length of your rooster's neck (1 1/4" for most roosters. 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" for very large roosters), keeping soft under side of ALL FOUR tabs/teeth attached to the rough outer side of the other half so that it can be quickly removed in an emergency.

🐓 Hold the collar so that the loop (soft) side is facing the skin/feathers.

🐓 Calm and comfort your rooster as you place the collar around his neck.

🐓 Position the collar just below the hackle feathers on the neck, feeling for where the skin widens towards the shoulders.

🐓Place the collar ON TOP OF the feathers that are smoothed out below that point to provide natural padding and help keep the collar in place.

🐓 Ensure the feathers are smooth and not folded towards the rooster's head for better acceptance and adjustment.


Step 2: Adjust the Rooster Saver

🐓 Do not leave immediately after tightening the collar; listen to your rooster's breathing and observe body language for 10 minutes after tightening the collar.

🐓 If a pinky finger can fit between the collar and the skin, and your rooster tries to remove it by running backward, he is fine.

🐓 If your rooster drops his head and tail for an extended period, the collar is too tight. Loosen it.

🐓 Watch your rooster's actions for 30 minutes; if behavior is not normal, loosen the collar more.

🐓 If your rooster looks like he is attempting to vomit, the collar is too tight and too high on his neck. Loosen it and move it lower.

🐓 Use SMALL adjustments; do not tighten more than 1/8" at a time (1/8" too tight can potentially lead to your rooster's death).

🐓 Comfort your rooster while adjusting the collar.


Step 3: Ensure that the Rooster Saver is safely adjusted

🐓 Keep a watchful eye on your feathered friend! Remember to PROMPTLY REMOVE THE COLLAR (by firmly holding the short end of the top half and quickly peeling it off) if you notice any of the following signs:

- If your rooster starts kicks (death kicks)

- If you see his crown and crop turning to a dark purple or blue color (he is suffocating)

- If your rooster falls over

- If hear him gurgling


And finally, make sure to remove any items from your house, coop or run that the collar can snag on.


Remember: observation, calm handling and a snag-free environment are the keys to insuring that your rooster is SAFELY wearing the Rooster Saver crow collar! 🌟