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The Birdy Bra Crop Supporter/Chest Protector is the ultimate solution for your feathered friend's crop issues! Our patented bra is not only supportive and ultra-comfortable, but it can also protect your bird's chest from pecking by other birds. Whether your bird suffers from crop stasis or pendulous crop, the Birdy Bra can help by supporting their crop.

Hand-made in the USA with human-grade medical fabric, the Birdy Bra is the perfect choice for chest protection, crop support and for parrots that self-mutilate.

The highly adjustable tie-on style provides a custom fit for excellent crop support; the tie-on crop bra can even be turned 90-degrees to provide additional lift for large pendulous crops.

The hook-and-loop style is better for chest protection: it is easier to put on but has limited adjustability and might slip or slide if too large. The hook-and-loop crop bra cannot be turned 90 degrees.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the Birdy Bra is a must-have for any bird owner who wants to provide their feathered friend with the support and protection they need.

Don't let your bird suffer any longer - give them the comfort and care they deserve with the Birdy Bra Crop Supporter/Chest Protector. Order now and see the difference it can make in your bird's life. ~Your bird will thank you~

Birdy Bra Crop Supporter / Chest Protector (Made in USA)

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