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Dia-Purr cat diaper

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Product Description

The cat diaper, revolutionized! The brand-new, patent-pending Dia-PurrTM cat diaper with detachable liquid-tight vinyl pouch keeps BOTH urine and feces away from your cat. Our liquid-proof fabric diaper adjusts at both collar and girth to fit most cats. Includes one reusable, superabsorbent insert. Both the liquid proof diaper fabric and absorbable liner fabric are 100% eco-friendly and manufactured with no harmful chemicals in American textile mills.


The new Dia-PurrTM keeps BOTH urine and feces away from your cat, providing a better quality of life for your elderly, incontinent and/or spraying cat. Our reusable, superabsorbent insert absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and is made with Silvadur®, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi and controls bad odors.

How to Put The Dia-Purr on Your Cat

    • - Open all of the hook and loop fasteners and insert vinyl pouch into the slit in the diaper so that there are no gaps between the hook on the vinyl pouch and the loop on the diaper.
  • - When correctly attached, the vinyl pouch will be sticking out of the top of the slit in the diaper creating a space for your cat's tail.
  • - If using our washable, super-absorbent, anti-microbial inserts, roll the insert into a cone shape and insert into the diaper so that the edge of the insert does not reach the rim of the pouch or urine might be wicked up onto the underside of your cat's tail.
  • - If using a disposable sanitary pad (be certain to use a thin or ultra thin style) make a cone or fold the pad in half and place into pouch so that it does not reach the rim of the pouch or urine might be wicked up onto the underside of your cat's tail.
  • - Place matching fabric cover over vinyl pouch and secure loop on cover to hook on diaper and vinyl pouch. If you prefer to see when the pouch is full so that you can change your cat's diaper in a timely manner, you can leave the cover off.
  • - Holding your cat so that your cat's head is facing away from you, place collar over your cat's head.
  • - Loosely fasten the strap across your cat's shoulders.
  • - Hold the pouch high over over your cat's tail, take your cat's tail and thread it through the space between the pouch and the top of the Dia-Purr.
  • - Pull straps below the pouch between your cat's back legs.
  • - Fasten the loop of the left-hand strap onto the hook of the left-hand diaper girth strap.
  • - Fasten the loop of the right-hand strap onto the hook of the right-hand diaper girth strap.
  • - Adjust the straps so that the elastic rim of the diaper fits snug against your cat's body.
  • - Adjust the shoulder strap so that the collar is secured comfortably below your cat's neck.
  • - To remove the Dia-Purr, open the hook and loop shoulder fasteners and pull the collar gently over your cat's head and then open the hook and loop girth strap fasteners. While carefully holding the pouch upright (to avoid spilling any of the the contents) lift the pouch vertically over your cat's tail, and pull the entire diaper upwards and backwards away from your cat until it is fully pulled away from your cat's body.
  • Empty contents of pouch and replace liners or wash diaper.

Dia-Purr FAQ's

Can my cat wear the Dia-Purr 24/7?

Yes, but you need to empty the contents of the pouch on a regular basis and wash it periodically to control odors. Some customers have told us that they use prefer to use two Dia-Purrs a day, one each for a 12-hour period so that one Dia-Purr can be washed and dried without the cat having to go without a diaper.


Can I use the sanitary wash cycle or tumble dry high heat?

Yes, but ONLY if the vinyl pouch is detached and not being washed at the same time as the rest of the Dia-Purr components. High temperatures will melt the vinyl.


Why is my cat's tail wet?

Most likely because either the diaper is not being changed often enough or the liner was too high in the pouch and enabled wicked liquids to reach your cat's tail.

Warranty Information

Warranty covers only manufacturer defects. Any damage caused by improper use or care of product is the responsibility of the user. Warranty does not include replacement for normal wear and tear. Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products will replace any product that has a defect due to manufacturing.

Washing Instructions

  • - If using our super-absorbent, anti-microbial inserts, remove inserts and place in washing machine. It is not necessary to detach the vinyl pouch or fabric pouch cover.
  • - Close all hook and loop fasteners.
  • - Place in washing machine and wash in hot water (but not sanitary cycle, which is too hot and might melt the vinyl).
  • - Tumble dry low heat.