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Looking for the ultimate solution to keep your feathered or furry friend dry and comfortable all day long? Look no further than our super-absorbent Organic Cotton Insert! Crafted with the highest quality organic cotton, this insert is the perfect addition to any pet parent's arsenal.

Thanks to its innovative design, this insert boasts maximum absorbency, ensuring that your pet stays dry and comfortable no matter what. And when it's time for a wash, simply toss it in the machine and it's good as new!

But that's not all. By choosing our Organic Cotton Insert, you're making a responsible choice for both your pet and the environment. You can rest easy knowing that you're providing your furry friend with the best possible care while also doing your part to protect the planet.

So why wait? Elevate your pet's comfort and convenience with our super-absorbent Organic Cotton Insert today! ~Order now~ and experience the difference for yourself. Your pet will thank you!

Super-absorbent Organic Cotton Pet Diaper Insert

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Product Description

Superabsorbent Organic Cotton Diaper Insert with Antimicrobial Silvadur®. For use with Dia-Purr cat diapers and Hen Holster bird diapers.


Combines super absorbency, waterproofing and leak-protection into one.

100% eco-friendly, manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finished in American textile mills.

Features SILVADUR® Antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae and control bad odors.

SILVADUR® is proven to be safe against the skin.

Unique process permanently melt-bonds the specially-treated TPU film to the fabric without toxic solvents. The process emits no toxic waste or VOCs that are harmful to the environment.


How to Use With the Dia-Purr Cat Diaper


Roll the liner into a tight cone with the dimpled side facing inwards. Press the cone deep into the vinyl pouch so that the top of the cone is below the rim of the vinyl pouch and then push the inside of cone outward so that the outside of the liner is against the vinyl. There should be no wrinkles in the fabric. If the cone extends up to the rim it might wick liquid up onto the bottom side of your cat's tail.


How to use with the Hen Holster Chicken Diaper

Roll the liner into a cone so that the edges of the slit just overlap and press the cone into the bottom of the diaper pouch (Hen Holsters with permanent liners) or vinyl liner (Hen Holsters with removable liners). NOTE: The liner for chickens is intended to absorb only the liquid from the chicken's droppings.


Washing Information

Machine wash HOT (145-165 degrees F). NO prewash, bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry medium heat (130 degrees F max), NO dryer sheets. Do not iron. It is normal for the liner to no longer lay flat after washing.

Warranty Information

Warranty covers only manufacturer defects. Any damage caused by improper use or care of product is the responsibility of the user. Warranty does not include replacement for normal wear and tear. Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products will replace any product that has a defect due to manufacturing.